For Kurt

This is a shot of me and my husband and some high school friends of ours, including Kurt Signeski, who recently (and suddenly) passed away. I hadn’t seen Kurt in a while and I certainly didn’t know much about what was going on with or in his life. Nevertheless, I was troubled by his death. Not that I’m not troubled by other people’s deaths, but Kurt’s really got to me. Maybe because he was an old friend and maybe because he was my age. It just hit a little too close to home. It felt important to me to write something about his funeral, about what people there had to say about his life, because I wanted to share with folks from our high school something that surprised me: Kurt left quite a legacy. Now don’t misinterpret my words here. (Remember, words can’t be trusted.) Kurt was a perfectly good person in high school. He could sometimes be a total shit, but we all could at that age. At any rate, I’m not sure if I died tomorrow, I would have touched nearly as many lives as he did, and I guess, in some small way, I wanted others to know that about him.